CBCI and Agrodome present at the SIÑAL EXHIBITION

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posters of Agrodome and CBCI on SINAL EXHIBIOTION ambassade des Pays basCBCI and Stichting Agrodome where present in the presentation of the Dutch Embassy at the SIÑAL EXHIBITION

SIÑAL is a yearly exhibition that has the focus on Bio-based Products and Solutions. The aim is to inform and connect businesses active in the bio-based economy. (producers, developers and trading).

The SIÑAL exhibition was held in Châlons-en-Champagne, North of France.

slide presentation

Successful annual sinal exhibition for the bio-economy

During the event there were business meetings and presentations around the bio-based economy. In Northern France there are a lot of companies active in the supply and development of bio-based materials. During this event there were made several connections between French and Dutch companies, this will be followed up by Agrodome together with the Dutch Embassy in Paris and the Federation Bio Economy the Netherlands.

Every year the SIÑAL EXHIBITION brings together professionals, academics and researchers around topics such as BIOBASED MATERIALS, PLANT-BASED CHEMISTRY AND BIOENERGY .

  • 300 participants gathered over 2 days
  • More than 2,000 pre-planned business meetings arranged to identify commercial and technological opportunities
  • 18 conferences and roundtables to get informed on the latest trends and news
  • Innovative companies awarded by two innovation prizes
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