Newsletter CBCI June 2021

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Newsletter Circular Bio-based Construction Industry (CBCI) June 2021 Kick-off Meetings CBCI Living Labs: Updates from the KU Leuven and the Emergis Living Labs. Life Cycle Assessment to support the design of a circular biobased wall system Students & CBCI: Avans students … Vervolgd

CBCI Newsletter March 2021

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Newsletter Circular Bio-based Construction Industry (CBCI) March 2021 Tendering of circular bio-based constructions: insights, ideas and challenges from the KU Leuven Living Lab and Emergis Living Lab CBCI Blog: Nuri Cihan Kayaçetin (KU Leuven) introduces himself and challenges you to think about … Vervolgd

CBCI and Agrodome present at the SIÑAL EXHIBITION

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CBCI and Stichting Agrodome where present in the presentation of the Dutch Embassy at the SIÑAL EXHIBITION SIÑAL is a yearly exhibition that has the focus on Bio-based Products and Solutions. The aim is to inform and connect businesses active in the bio-based … Vervolgd

Project S-ACT Tiny houses

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Investigation for possibilities biobased ‘Tiny Houses’ for housing, office, etc. Students conduct this research within the framework of the S-ACT program. The research will take place in early 2019 and will be completed in March 2019. Project description Exploring a … Vervolgd